Smoke from an extinguished candle.
Starched kurtas.
Milk powder.
Nice conversations.
Uneven mirrors.
Condensation on sides of a glass of cold water.
Melted cheese.
Soft contrasts.
Dust on a table.
Snapping fingers in a candle fire.
Shifting sands due to wind.
Water rolling off a leaf.
Yawning babies.
Cool cushions.
Shadows of leaves.
Smell of freshly baked cake.
Coffee with streaks of brown in foam.
Ice on torso.
Liquid stains on old pages.
Long emails that are years old.
Spherical drops of water on fingernails.
Tall trees swaying together.
Watching babies trying to figure something out.
Spray of mist.
High speed winds.
Driving in convertibles.
View points.
Black & white photography.
Babies smiling at a camera.
Music that reaches a climax.
Smell of rain.
Sans serif fonts.
New cars.
Holding her hands, and in silence.
Winter afternoons.
Tacit smiles of understanding.
Chocolate melting in the mouth.
Dried up glue.
Seeing someone smile to oneself.
Right alignment.
Matte finish.
The colour orange.
Storms before rain.
Smell of leather upholstery.
Standing at the doors of trains at high speed.
Vaporising deodorant.
Orange on white.
Double entendre.
Fast piano.
Ink on tissue paper.
Drinking water after soanf.

These are things I like. These are all that came to my mind. These are few of the thousands more.

Post Script: This was written in exactly 5 minutes (clocked) and closed. Just wanted to see what all came to my mind.

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9 Responses to “Blink”
  1. arpan says:

    profile mein kya pic daali hui hai??
    good to see that u r still blogging…keep writing, i am watching u 😉

  2. muggermuch says:

    gud one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was really good. Nice stuff. Often such thoughts come to our mind . Seldom do we jot them down.
    -Megan Hawk

  4. Kathak - The Story Teller! says:

    I almost died nodding my head in agreement with more than half the things!!!

    Specially B&W photography
    And the babies!
    And smell of rain… the coffee… water…!!!
    (And at this rate, I’ll duplicate the post in the comment box!)

  5. mungojerrie says:

    whaats up

  6. Anonymous says:

    like reading it again and again esp when I am in one of those nice and pensive moods of mine :)…

  7. sree says:

    I am reminded of the song “these are a few of my fav things” from Sound of Music 🙂
    lovely list 🙂

  8. Deepika says:

    beautiful!! I’d like to know what else you can come up with in five minutes.:)

  9. Nitu says:

    Hi Kokonad. Absolutely beautiful and authentic. Ended up crying, thinking why I couldn’t think of such beautiful,subtle but small things in my life earlier. Thanks alot for reminding us that we can be happy inspite of being in troubles.
    Nitu´s latest post – Miss my fam…

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