Of cultural sentiments, hugs and kisses

From The Daily Collegian, 27th April 2007

This news article appeared in the daily published newspaper (The Daily Collegian) of my university – staring at everyone in big bold letters.

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Aaaargh! Don’t publicity seekers (the judge, in this case) in India EVER realize what a big fool they are making of themselves voluntarily? A silent satirical mockery has been made of “publicity seekers” and frankly, many of us are plain EMBARRASSED that it has been printed in a paper with a readership of over 40000 students from all over the world. I actually tore it off and scanned it so I could just put it up here… my emotions are a mixture of ludicrousness, sympathy and embarrassment at the same time.

Spotted in this article –

“their kiss at a public function transgressed all limits of vulgarity and have the tendency to corrupt the society”

What tendency to corrupt is this judge (the one issuing the arrest warrant against Richard Gere) talking of, in a society riddled with fiscal corruption, rape, child trafficking and atrocities to womankind? A playful peck on the cheek to compliment someone is NOT corruption of social customs! Don’t even get me started on that age-old argument of “hurting the religious customs and culture of India”. Who gave them the license to rule what is the right culture? Isn’t culture and open-mindedness a relative thing?

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7 Responses to “Of cultural sentiments, hugs and kisses”
  1. Pegasus says:

    i was exactly asking the same questions…. r we such an orthodox society that a peck in the cheek is unacceptable

  2. Kokonad Sinha says:

    Well Pegasus, unfortunately, the publicity seekers make headlines, and that’s the only thing that gets printed. Why won’t others have a wrong impression of us!
    I agree with you completely – of course we are not that orthodox… as an educated and experienced set of people, we refuse to voice an opinion, because it’s pointless.

  3. thoughts of a blank mind says:

    The best thing is, this story is from a local student news paper of PennState.

  4. Pegasus says:

    hey man… 🙂 i did not realize it was u. 🙂 so how is life….

  5. Kokonad Sinha says:

    It came as a surprise to me too, Ankur! It’s a small world, eh? 🙂

  6. Pegasus says:

    yups it is…
    u r living with my best friend and now … i wonder why it took us so long.
    so u doing masters/phd
    which subject?

  7. Cloud minus Nine says:

    dont think its a major issue really. would u not think that shilpa shetty and richard gere get all the snipet pics that they wanted to get on every major newspaper in india. the vanity attached with the kiss also carries the word around abt the ‘pinned’ down aids awareness…so the message is felt…now forget the issue altogether. plus, if a lawsuit is filed…it will take indian law system a zillion years to resolve it. and cmon, just cos thr was news clippin…sanity among sane ppl(that includes, u coke) should really not pay too much attention to such shit and bullshit.

    –Abheet.(oh, n i changed my bloggin name…makes me look cooler. and yes, i do believe in vanity)

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