I am more equal than you are

I used to have a pretty strong opinion about the whole reservation-quota-being-increased hue and cry. That was till I read this story from Tehelka.com. It gave me a shocking revelation that casteism still exists among the students of my generation. I thought the whole concept of a higher caste looking down upon a lower caste existed only among a generation that was slowly phasing out. Was I too naive?

Excerpts from this article

I told him I had stood first on the Scheduled Caste list. The next moment I found myself outside the room, on the ground; he had pushed me out. That was just the first day.

Ever since, I have been reminded of my “low” status every moment I have been here. I was the only “Category” student in my wing. One day, I found this on my door: “Nobody likes you here. F**k off.” On another day: “Everybody can use the carom board, but not Room No 45.”

It is true that not all General Category students are casteist, but caste cuts through everything at AIIMS. They won’t talk to us.

Derogatory remarks were common: “Yeh chamar log kya karenge?” They were always trying to start fights so they could bash us up.

I knew I would fail when the only question I was asked on my viva was: “What is your involvement with the Thorat report?” Six or seven students had scored lower in the internal marks than I — all passed, I did not. I was failed in medicine in my re-professional exam by one-and-a-half marks.

How effective is the education system really when all through till the 12th grade, it has been teaching us that all are equal?

Another question – would he have faced the same problem amongst his peers and superiors had he not claimed he was a “category” student?

Is tagging one as a “category person” really helping the country? (Previous post – Living in a box)

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2 Responses to “I am more equal than you are”
  1. Pegasus says:

    when was the last time a good college AIIMS or IIT or IIM was opened????

    india talks about 10% growth… but opens a college once in 2-3 decades…. what else do u expect to happen in a society riddled by eklavya….

  2. Kokonad says:

    You are right with regards to the Eklavya analogy. But it’s really disheartening to know that students of our generation who have been taught all about equality at schools still end up seeing inequality, that too on the basis of something as ridiculous as caste.

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