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A post doc candidate from my lab showed me this advertisement – more like a public awareness ad about how inconsiderate we often are about the physically challenged people. Since I know no Portuguese whatsoever, I have tried my best to provide all the information regarding the relevance of this advertisement.
The car you see here has been parked right on the sidewalk providing a huge obstacle for anyone on a wheelchair/crutch etc. It has been (implicitly) extrapolated to buildings and other places which have little or no regard for handicap access.
This advertisement seems very relevant to Lisbon and Portugal in general, but we do know it is true for many places around the world, India included.
The repartee in the ad is what I like the best – (translated roughly; subject to correction)

Thanks to all the obstacles, we will be in shape for Beijing 2008

Special Olympics 2008, watch out for Portugal.

The ad agency behind this wonderfully multi-layered message is Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn (BBDO), one of the best and most awarded advertising agencies in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

I can see why.

This is another of their good advertisements (GreenPeace): Save the Amazon.

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4 Responses to “Handi(CAP)able”
  1. prax says:

    cool video

  2. Roshmi says:

    A while back, I had read that a ‘visually challenged’ person was hired for the position of a ‘driver’… this @ the seat of democracy in Delhi…

    On being asked how this could happen… the response was… he was hired for a position that was reserved for ‘handicapped’ persons… so, there was nothing wrong with his hiring… !!!

    Roshmi´s latest blog post – IPL Mantra: "Bill u bar bar"… !!!

  3. Roshmi says:

    Personally though… I do not use the word ‘handicapped’ or ‘blind’… here’s why:

    This is from an earlier post: the 50th one to be precise: 50/2 in 103!!

    Matters have been further complicated by the arrival of ‘political correctness’… we have got to be ‘politically correct’, no matter what. Now, see the results for yourself: ‘Blind’ is no longer ‘in’… its ‘visually challenged’ or ‘visually impaired’, we cannot say ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ anymore, it is now ‘differently-abled’, children with behavior issues, Developmental disabilities, or learning disabilities like dyslexia and Central Auditory Processing Disorder are to be referred as, ‘Special Children’ or ‘Special Needs Children’. Even ‘dwarfs’ are no longer ‘dwarfs’. They are ‘vertically challenged’ or ‘height-limited’. I am all for ‘political correctness’, but… Can you imagine “Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged”…???

    Roshmi´s latest blog post – IPL Mantra: "Bill u bar bar"… !!!

  4. Kokonad says:

    Funny you would mention that – I have a whole post on political correctness waiting to be published later in the year. 🙂 It is accompanied by a doodle too!
    And it’s not Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged, it’s Snow Caucasian and the Seven Vertically Challenged. 😛

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