Human rights

I was witness to this conversation some time back.

“I wish there was an IKEA in State College… the nearest IKEA is all the way in Pittsburgh. The furniture stores here are so expensive!”
“You could always try Wal-Mart… the furniture there is pretty good from what I have heard.”
“Yeah… I know… but, considering where they came from, I guess it’s China… with the low wages and all, there’s no way I would want that in my house. I would rather own something made by someone who has been paid well for making it.”

This conversation had me thinking about the attitude of people here in the United States. They respect everyone – no matter what the job is. Be it the postman or the clerk who does the paperwork, the bus driver or the janitor, the guy who fixes the drain or the woman who cleans the glass windows – they are respected, wished and smiled at with goodwill all the time. Hard to believe? You have to be here to feel it.

Giving respect also earns respect. Respect for the fellow being. India needs this.

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4 Responses to “Human rights”
  1. Ankur says:

    dignity towards labor….
    i have heard a lot about it… but never seen it being practiced in india.

  2. Deepika says:

    Very true. And what surprises me is that people of OUR generation, with our kind of education and our upbringing are the ones who need to be taught a lesson about respect.
    you should check out archives of I’ll give you the exact link, she did an amazing article on this.

  3. prerna says:

    I am sure it is going to change in India also. Things are definitely changing although at a very slow pace. Once literacy rate goes up people would stand up for their rights and nobody can ignore the people who know their rights.

  4. Dugi says:

    thank u.
    u give me hope.

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