My story published! :)

I had written this story a couple of years back, and it got published in Chowk today! My roommate introduced me to this, and his story got published last month.

We are family

‘Yes, I shall go and arrange for the papers in my office.’ The doctor retreated with the nurse from the room. There was a huge gush of hospital noise when the door opened and the pneumatic door closer slowly put the door back to its original position.

A child was crying somewhere. An injection, perhaps.
Trays with surgical instruments were being handled. Metal on metal.
Someone was calling for the janitor. Clear intercom system.
Lots of footsteps. Nurses with high heels.

The door closed and the room was once again filled with a low hum. If one strained the ear, the London November rain could be heard splattering on the stone benches in the lawn outside the room. Curtains were drawn, contributing more to the loud silence in the room. The periodic short and sharp beep of the instruments in the room made the silence even louder. It showed signs of life in the room.

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8 Responses to “My story published! :)”
  1. Ankur says:

    🙂 congrats dude..

  2. Cloud minus Nine says:

    coke…umm…the story was amazingly movin and touching. problem is…my dad doesnt keep too well n i can relate to the story way too much to fight.

    anyways, congos on gettin into chowk and keep postin more such stuff….

  3. Dimple says:

    This story was very close to reality and it was written in an excellent way..i mean i was actually imagining each and every person having their resp thoughts

    PS : plz tell me wt was written in the will …

  4. Dimple says:

    Sorry a bit late, but taken ur tag..🙂

  5. Roshmi says:

    Many Congratulations!!!
    Roshmi´s latest post – I know I’m late, but… the award goes to…

  6. Roshmi says:

    Hey! Why did you stop publishing???

    btw… your story has been viewed some 4177 times… till now!!! Cool! 🙂
    Roshmi´s latest post – I know I’m late, but… the award goes to…

  7. Kokonad says:

    Thanks a lot! And more thanks for including it in your latest post! I really appreciate it!
    I wrote this story over 3 years back for a creative writing course – and I have never been able to come up with something this intense. I do write small skits and plots – but they all end up in my theater club. I still try to think of story lines – some day, hopefully I will come up with one again!
    My brother is capable of coming up with terrific stories – I don’t know if he still does…
    And I noticed that Chowk definitely has a lot more activity than it used to!

  8. Unknown says:

    Oh my god!.. u r awesome dude…I came here in search for the ramayana on FB 🙂
    Unknown´s latest post – iThink using iPhone

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