The challenge to live

The two of my most favorite (and heartbreakingly touching) awareness ads for cancer make me feel strangely heavy. I really hope that the cure for cancer comes along soon. Real soon.

Peruvian Cancer Foundation – The magic of giving (1:29)

Ninos con Cancer – Gesto de Amor (0:50)

Both these ads made it big at the Cannes Film festival. Turn on your speakers, the accompanying music is superb.

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3 Responses to “The challenge to live”
  1. Amrita says:

    damn it! I’m overdue for a check up. Old age comes with sooooooo many finicky things. sigh.

    PS – I love those ads.

  2. whodunit says:

    The first one is brilliant. It truly embodies what an ad should be – tell a story without any words. And yes, amen to your last statement

  3. Dimple says:

    Loved those ads !!..and seriously hope we find a cure for cancer soon..

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