Movie Review: Martian Child

The story of a man becoming a father… and a boy becoming a son.

John Cusack plays a yet another amazing role in this 108 min movie, as a writer (David Gordon) adopting and adapting to a child, Dennis, with reclusive social tendencies. Played by Bobby Coleman, Dennis believes that he is from Mars sent on a mission to earth. Though difficult to communicate with, he is smart and a fast learner and happens to have a sense of humor.
However, due to unsociable characteristics of Dennis, the CPS (Child Protection Services) is skeptical of David’s capabilities of fathering this child, and wants to have the child transfered to a “special needs” school. The movie sails through several elements of parenting and accepting the eccentric. It helps the audience empathize with the constant expectation to be “normal” in the society.

YouTube Video (2:30)

The character of David Gordon is based on the real life David Gerrold, author of “The Martian Child”. The movie is based on the same book, and as a plot treat, involves the character of David Gordon penning the first draft of the very same. The movie has its funny moments for the greater time and is craftily written. Even if you don’t make it to the theater, I would recommend renting it when the DVDs are out.

Movie rating: 8/10

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