Why did the chicken NOT cross the road?

Crossing the road in India has over the years developed into a talent that exhibits a commendable amount of agility, tact, tolerance, diplomacy, unagi, love, presence of mind and also the ability to count the wheels of an oncoming vehicle. Yeah, because more the wheels of the vehicle, the harder it’s gonna come and hit you. That’s why standing in front of a moving train is often frowned upon.
It has been a little over a year since I have been in the US, and I have am greatly used to the driving rules and system followed here. Driving within lanes, keeping distance between vehicles, NOT crossing any solid lines whatsoever, stopping at stop signs etc. The most important one – YIELDING TO PEDESTRIANS! Yes. The oncoming traffic will stop for you to cross the road and the driver is going to wave at you wishing you a good morning/evening/weekend/Christmas. And you wave back with a smile.

I came from a country where pedestrians are treated like maggots – the drivers don’t want them on the roads, so they might as well knock them down (and run away, as many have). It took me and my friends quite a while to get accustomed to the US system of road regulations. No matter how big the vehicle, it’s going to stop. for you to cross the road. Trust me. Unless it’s a train. Or an aeroplane. Or if you are being really adventurous and are attempting to cross the freeway or the interstate.

I think the rule is – Lesser the number of wheels, more the respect you’ve got on the road. Bicycles are next to pedestrians. But then unicycles are above pedestrians. Because even pedestrians stop to look at or look out for unicyclists. Unicyclists are funny.

After obtaining a license for driving in the US, my American colleagues often asked me if I had trouble getting used to driving on the right side from the left side of the car. To which my reply had always been “Naah, that was never a problem. In India they drive on both the sides of the road”. Another day, I searched for Indian driving on YouTube and showed it to my American research colleague and the few minutes of screening were punctuated heavily by
“Oh dear God”
“What the…”
“Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod…”
“Aren’t they scared?!”
“He’s gonna die! He’s gonna be roadkill!”

Anyway, now I think I have got too used to the US driving, which according to some people, is boring, because nothing happens. It’s made me soft. Now I am going to India for a couple of weeks to a city with one of the most understanding, accommodating and affectionate traffic personalities ever – Kolkata.

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3 Responses to “Why did the chicken NOT cross the road?”
  1. amitscorpio says:

    May the good god bless you!!
    I hope we would not need to look for a new room mate ;)!!!

  2. Dreamcatcher says:

    hah! i LOVE the way you put that about Kolkata. Very, very apt.

  3. Jishnu A says:

    Except that you forgot that there are more people with less number of tyres compared to ones with more number of tyres. And as in every good country majority should be benevolent to the minority!!

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