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A therapeutic tag. I volunteered myself into this. Thanks to Amrita, though. 🙂 As Amrita says, it is not therapeutic in the real sense, but Jawahara’s calling it that, hence she’s calling it one too. And thereby I call it a therapeutic tag. A list of 10 things I miss in my life right now and another list of 10 things I would like to achieve within a decade from now.

10 things I miss in my life.
1. I miss a fully functional right foot. I miss all the sports fun I could be having if only this right foot had not been hopelessly sprained more than two years back. It’s yet to recover. 🙁
2. I miss the beaches in Chennai. In fact I miss any beach. But Thiruvanmayur (Besant Nagar) Beach, Chennai in particular. I miss the times I used to go to the beach at midnight, sit there watching the waves. I used to watch sunrise, have steaming sambhar-idli at Murugan’s Idli shop in the morning and come back to the hostel to sleep. Some of the brightest ideas of my life I got sitting at the beach, e.g. wearing floaters to the beach and not shoes.
3. I miss having a younger sister. I have always wanted one. Always. Someone to take care of and pamper and spoil. And always have gifts for. I envied my friends with little sisters. A kid brother would do too, but then, I am the kid brother.
4. I miss my days at school. By all standards they were carefree. Mischief was fun. I miss my old friends with whom I am barely in touch with…
5. I miss the time I used to have nice conversations with complete strangers at Barista or Cafe Coffee Day or even in the college fest. The best part was that I never met these people again in my life! I just have not had the opportunity to do that here in the US. Sigh.
6. Summer vacations during college days when I went home. I used to wake up regularly at 10:30ish. And sleep late.
7. I miss eating pani-puri at 4 pieces a rupee in Baroda. I used to hog, and even converted my parents into pani-puri fans. It’s close to impossible to get pani-puri at that rate and taste here in the US.
8. I miss some of the daily food my mom used to cook. In fact I miss them so much that I don’t even want to try to cook them. Reason? The last memory of my eating that must be a good one. 🙂
9. I wish I had a more eventful life or a better memory to jot down 9 and 10. Deep sigh.

10 things I want to achieve within a decade from now.
1. Learn that fancy keyboard lying in my room for a year, gathering dust.
2. Take formal lessons in movie editing and in advertising.
3. Take some fabulous, really fabulous shots using my camera. And get recognized for it. 🙂
4. Tour Europe. Go to every country on that land. Spend good time there. Tour New Zealand and Egypt too!
5. Stay in a Dubai hotel at no expense of mine.
6. Sky dive. That should be done next summer, though. 😀
7. Visit (not just drive through) all 50 states of United States. 9 and counting. Visit Canada too.
8. Fly an aircraft. (Ha! Yeah right.)
9. Learn at least three social dances completely, tango being one of them.
10. Play with a tiger/lion/leopard cub with the mother tiger/lion/leopard nearby. In the wild. And not chicken out.

I tag: Devashree, Amit, Gaurav, Sunando, DreamCatcher, Charumani

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6 Responses to “Wah… Tag boliye!”
  1. Amrita says:

    a TWO YEAR sprain? What on earth were you doing? Go see a physiotherapist or something.
    You’ll need both feet when that lioness comes to rescue her babies from you :p

  2. shreybomb says:

    Ribhu da!!! Can I be the kid sister? I don’t have a big brother :-(. So its all good….what say????

  3. Kokonad says:

    Amrita – Hmmmm. It was basketball. For the last time I guess. 🙁 And you are quite right about the lioness thing… hadn’t thought it through! 😛

    Shreyasee – YOU ARE ON! 🙂

  4. shreybomb says:

    Yay!!!! But where art thou these days?

  5. Megan Hawk says:

    🙂 Feels good reading all this… Brings back memories… can’t believe that 7 years have passed since we left Navrachana…

  6. <b>John Arul Prakash</b> says:

    FYI, Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmyur are two different beach areas 🙂 although it’s one contiguous stretch of beach…

    So which college did you study in? I was in Anna Univ, now in Pitt, eating horrible food too…

    check out one of my blogs

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