Cell phones make popcorn. Hah!

That’s what three videos doing the rounds in Youtube showed.
Don’t believe it? I didn’t either.
But there was video proof!

How it works:
1. Use three or more cellphones, with their antennae towards corn kernel on the table.
2. Make calls to all cellphones simultaneously.
3. Pop goes the corn!
See? See.

YouTube Video (0:40)

The two other videos are here and here.

What’s with everyone on a table? Why could they not do it um.. let’s say, on the floor?
Turns out that it is a hoax. Obviously, first because cell phones do not have enough power to do it. Second, the creators confessed. Actually they gave a disclaimer.

The contents of these videos are fictitious and humorous optical illusions, designed for entertainment. Nothing in these videos is meant to imply that mobile phones can make popcorn and Cardo Systems specifically disclaims that these videos contain any portrayal of facts or comments about safety. Cardo disclaims any liability for the information in these videos.

Cardo manufactures bluetooth headsets. This is their viral marketing strategy.
And this is going to sell more headsets.

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