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Every time I go home to my parents’ place, my Dad tells me to have a look at his files on the computer. Because he feels that there could be several duplicates, and I should delete the files that are no longer relevant or have been superseded. My Dad is very methodical about keeping up to date with his finances and all sorts of transactions in a huge number of files on his computer, in soft copy. He often creates backups and stores copies on several media. While my Dad is very meticulous (admirably) in maintaining all this, he is not very innovative in giving names to files. And that’s where all the trouble starts.
I need to sift through several gigabytes of data to try to figure out which is the latest file – sometimes the files are modified on a different computer and copied on later to the home computer… and otherwise – and ultimately it’s a huge melee of “latest updates” which I need to sort out.
Considering that each time I go home, I just sleep, eat, sleep, watch TV, eat roadside good, sleep, eat… understandably I have lots of time on my hands and I am more than willing to help.

But only at first.

Folders that go by the following names:
“New Folder” (8 or more)
“Personal files”
“New Personal”
“Personal Final”
“Personal Latest”
“Final Personal”
“Old files (to del)” [Hah!]
“Files (check and del)” [Double Hah!]

The same is repeated with segments like Backup, Data, PPT, Report etc.

Several files that go by the following names:
Sinha final.doc
Sinha latest.doc
Sinha old.doc
Sinha to-delete.doc
Oh, and these files exist in all those unambiguous folders I have named above. Gigabytes of word documents, scanned images and excel sheets. Ow.

But then, when it is all done, I feel like I have actually accomplished something. 🙂 It feels good.

As a side note, it’s not just my Dad who has this organized mess. Lots of people do! Some of them might be readers of this blog as well.

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  1. Deepika says:

    Coming here after really long…nice to see so many new posts!

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