A man of few words

Jishnu is my little-over-two-year-old nephew who has recently started talking. He talks in very few words. May be a word or two for the whole sentence. So Boudi and I were planning to go out and Jishnu was having his diaper changed. Clearly he was not wearing any pants. The following conversation happened (translated to English for blogging purposes).

Boudi: Eat soon Jishnu, and then we will all go out.
Jishnu: Pant?
Boudi: Yes you will wear pants.
Jishnu: Ma?
Boudi: Ma will wear pants too.
Jishnu: Shirt?
Boudi: Yes, Ma will wear a shirt.
Jishnu: Kaku?
Boudi: Yes, Kaku will wear a shirt too.
Jishnu: Pant?
Boudi: Yes he will wear pants as well.
Jishnu: Hmmm.

Boudi is what I call my sister-in-law. Kaku is me, Jishnu’s uncle.

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