Wait… what?!

I like the Mac vs. PC ads by Apple. Mac and PC are two buddies. Mac is cool, but PC is not. In the past year or so, they basically say that Microsoft’s Vista sucks and by releasing Vista, Microsoft has increased the sales of Mac.

Wow. Microsoft employees are going to lose their jobs because of Jobs. Heh.

So… after the really likable ads by Apple, Microsoft made its own ad. Starring Jerry Seinfield and Bill Gates. Shoe shopping. Somehow, this ad is supposed to draw the connection between… er… *nothing* and Microsoft Windows. Will someone shed some light on what this ad means?

Microsoft’s ad

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One Response to “Wait… what?!”
  1. Deepika says:

    You BET! I saw this ad on tv the other day and it went on forever and I didn’t understand a sh#$ of what it meant. Made me feel like I was retarded or something!

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