It COULD NOT have been done in any other way

I was following election day in the US on CNN. All day. Little did I know that CNN will pull of a Star Wars. Remember the way they used to communicate in that movie?

Yeah, so I was thinking, CNN “beamed in” their correspondents and interviewees, for the first time ever on TV (see video). While it is a brilliant technological marvel, what was the point in spending so much infrastructure in doing something that could have been done by:
a. Cutting the scene reporting in the far-away location
b. Showing the reporting on a large screen TV
c. Telephone!
May be it was all about the ratings. But then, hands down, you’ve got to admit it is pretty cool – to see how far technology has reached from the time cell phones used to half the size of briefcases. It’s also a good idea to see this being used in other aspects probably unimaginable right now. Hologram-conferencing is going to be a terrific idea when it comes to education in less privileged areas.
I am interested to see what The Daily Show has to say about this!

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2 Responses to “It COULD NOT have been done in any other way”
  1. Amey says:

    When the Daily Show started showing that, I seriously was expecting a Star Wars joke. Wonder how they missed that. Maybe it was just too obvious.

  2. Kokonad Sinha says:

    Amey – Did you know that there are several websites that claim that the hologram was a fake? 🙂 Makes me wonder…

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