Bush has good reflexes

So this happened earlier today… when US President Bush made an unannounced visit to Iraq, and a reporter threw shoes at him calling him a dog. While Bush ducked well in both shots, I feel a little bad for him.

Video Courtesy: CNN

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4 Responses to “Bush has good reflexes”
  1. Aditya Sengupta says:

    He should have done a Rajnikant- caught both shoes and lobbed them right back at the Journo. He’d make a lot of new fans in India at the very least 😀

  2. Delphian Oracle says:

    Bush said that the iraqi guy was trying to seek attention. And i think Bush was being modest. :p

  3. Kokonad says:

    My colleague at work commented that had it not been for Bush, the reporter would not have got to throw the shoe. :)) I must mention here that my colleague is quite the anti-Bush, though!

  4. Aditya Sengupta says:

    Ah! So Bush IS useful for something.

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