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Watched two Oscar nominated movies today – Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon. They were both so brilliant that I do not know which one I liked better.

But I must add that Frank Langella did a stellar performance as President Nixon. His presence dwarfed everyone else in the movie.

Also, it’s heartwarming that Rahman got his long overdue recognition in the international audience. Though a couple of his songs are simply fabulous in the movie, it’s not his best work.

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2 Responses to “Oscar Movies”
  1. Sayontan says:

    I have been feeling this for quite a few years now – Rahman’s music at present is overrated. He was excellent for a long time, but since the last 4-5 years very few of his songs stick to memory. I heard the two songs played in the Oscars yesterday and I can’t even remember what they sounded like. I can’t remember the tunes of the Ghajini songs, I remember only one song from Guru (for which he won “Best Music Director”) and I remember the songs from Jodhaa Akbar only because I happened to hear them a few times by accident.

  2. Kokonad says:

    Yeah, I have this whole reservation also about Slumdog winning more awards that I thought it deserves (and the congress giving India credit, btw).
    But I guess given the competition, Rehman still had the best songs. If you had any Hans Zimmer soundtrack competing with Rehman this time, Rehman probably wouldn’t have won it.

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