Google Earth 5.0

If it were Sarah Palin, she would say “Gosh darn it Google, hold your horses!

So Google is out with Google Earth 5.0. What’s new? Diving under the ocean, historic imagery, and recording tours.

Dive under the ocean? Yes, dive under the ocean.

What’s historic imagery? Well, you can surf a landscape and click the tiny clock that appears on the toolbar, and can see how that landscape has changed with time.

Wow. Here’s the video from Google.

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2 Responses to “Google Earth 5.0”
  1. whodunit says:

    I don’t know if it is in the video – but you can also leap from building to building like Spidey once you have enabled 3D buildings. If that isn’t enough you can sit in the cockpit of a prop plane or an F-16 (I think) whatever suits your fancy and fly along from place to place, including actual take offs, landings and scene pan views. All standard with the software.I downloaded this for the heck of it the other day – but ended up flying around new york and new jersey ! 😀 Obv you need superfast net to be able to enjoy it, but then – once u have that its awesome !

    • Kokonad says:

      First of all, sorry for not replying at all for such a long time! I was changing blogging platforms at that time and then this slipped my mind. My bad, my bad. 🙁

      With regards to the flying – I checked it out (on my work computer :D) and man it was awesome! But I crashed my plane so often… leave alone trying to explore landscapes – I was struggling to keep my plane flying straight. The net was superfast, but the pilot was superlame. 🙁

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