Losing perspective

Why on earth is this NEWS?
How necessary. President bumps his head. So had Bush, apparently, towards the start of his presidency.
Turns out there is a video too.

Possible headlines that are repercussions of this event:
  1. President Obama bumps his head, sends America to war again
  2. President Obama bumps his head, helicopter dented
  3. President Obama bumps his head, needs to comb hair all over again
  4. President Obama bumps his head, secret service arrests helicopter
  5. President Obama bumps his head, president bumps head not
  6. President Obama bumps his head, so did Bush; similar presidencies forecasted
How is this relevant to anything at all? I know he is living the life of a goldfish in a fishbowl, completely in the eyes of the country. But bumping his head? Come on! It could be a part of The Daily Show or Late Night or even Saturday Night Live – but not CNN main news! Next we would know about when his dog poops and whether the secret service cleans up after the first dog.
It’s not even a slow news day, thanks to the bailout and stimulus plans being on everyone’s minds…

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