Really overused movie dialogues

These dialogues always crack me up. They make me wanna throw stuff. 🙂

1. “Back off buddy.. this is real life. Not like in the movies
I have always wondered how they script lines like that in the movies. If the plot involves a movie star in any which way possible, one of the detectives/cops always, somehow, finds a way to use the above line. Isn’t the line a gigantic paradox? Just when you would think that may be this is one of those movies which are not like the others, the case is solved in the most dramatic way possible, with all the good things happening right in the nick of time.

2. “I am your father.Or mother/brother/lawn mower.
It’s either that dialogue or its realization by the hero/villain/rose bush. Come on… it’s not dramatic anymore! It used to be in the 70s. Ok, may be the 80s. It so happens that at least one of the persons involved in the dialogue ends up reforming himself in a split second. Dude, what if he is kidding with you? You’d be dead. But that never happens.
I last heard this line in the movie ‘Wanted’.  Spoiler alert in the previous sentence.

3. “I am going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”
Always followed by the camera showing the face of the listener in silence. Scene cut. It was famously used in Godfather. And that was really an offer they couldn’t refuse. Stop using it now. No, really. It’s not awe striking any more.

4. “Now… where were we?”
These golden words are spoken after a make-out scene was interrupted. Always. Cliched and abused. It’s not even corny any more.

5. “You have to go on without me!”
Our selfless hero is close to death and he realizes it. It could be because he is extremely tired, injured or miserably constipated (and he needs a longer-than-usual bathroom break). He realizes he is more of a liability for the team. Then there is his dear friend/girlfriend/lawn mower who has to waste valuable time by arguing with him. It’s funny how frequently this happens in war movies, and bombs never strike the friend/girlfriend/lawn mower in mid-sentence.

6. “We’ve got company.”
Usually the cops. Or the bad guys. Or the LMA lawyers (Lawn Mower Association) . Basically “company” is unwanted by people in the scene. I find it amazing how one guy radios to the other saying that they’ve got company, and the listener always understands. Always. ALWAYS.

7. “I’ll go and check in the basement”
Yeah, that guy is dead. In most cases, they never show what kills him though. All they show is that the camera rushes at his petrified face.

8. “Be careful…” “Ha ha! What could possibly go wrong?”
Everything. Usually followed by explosions not causing death, but generally comical situation (intended) that goes on to show that the experiment failed.

9. “No no no! Don’t give up on me!”
First, stop pounding his chest so hard. You are killing all of the little life that is remaining in that poor thing. Whoever told you THAT was CPR was high. This is followed by
(a). the person dying a tragic and heart wrenching death, but the death either enrages the speaker of the aforementioned lines, or it does not really matter in the plot, because it’s the end of the movie
(b). he/she could not take it anymore and tells the speaker to stop hammering on the chest, because he/she is alive. Even after 138 bullets ripped through his/her body.

10. “He/she’s in a better place”
Follows minutes after the previous one, it so happens that all that pounding on the chest killed him/her. And the dialogue is delivered to someone whose mental capacity is unable to accept death. Like a 15 year old.

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5 Responses to “Really overused movie dialogues”
  1. Tista says:

    Funny you should be obsessed with lawn mowers. I was reading an article on Brazilian wax the other day. It said “if you gotto sell your home, you gotta mow the lawn.”

  2. Vic says:

    If I have to hear the line, “What do you want from me?” one more time, I’ll shoot myself!!! The most overused line in movie history!

  3. Kokonad says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! True true! 🙂

  4. EdInez says:

    “She’s gonna blow!” so “Let’s get outta here” and although I know “I’m too old for this shit!” “It’s a chance I gotta take”

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