Social networking is not.

First I was tired of seeing weird names on Orkut. Now I am TIRED of seeing those irritating tests of Facebook that go “What kind of _____ are you?” That _____ could be any of the following: fruit, underwear, switchboard, poop, detergent, refrigerator, carburetor, lawn mower, chewing gum stage, ear wax, potato, weed, antenna, sock,  or molester. And then they, with *careful* analysis show that the quiz revealed something amazing about you probably never knew about yourself. Why why why why why why – why do people have to take that test? And even if it is for their personal entertainment, they should stop publishing it on their profile… aaargh!

Aside, a growing trend among people on the internet, people have basically stopped having lives. (Here is a potential ‘Look who’s talking’ moment, but I am going to ignore it) Thanks to all these social networking websites (Facebook and Orkut primarily) – people literally have forgotten how to converse with rich content, or even open a conversation. Social skills are out the window! Like I said, social networking is not.

More harmful effects of computers and excessive online activity: Bad handwriting!

Social networking is not.

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17 Responses to “Social networking is not.”
  1. Debleena says:

    I agree with the first one…its become a part of your “first things to do in the morning list”…wake up, check mail,read news, drink coffee, check class timing, check bus timings, check orkut n scrapbook…hence miss bus.
    I hate it when I find out about something later, and then people tell me they have scrapped me about it. You are getting married for heavens sake !!!

  2. Debleena says:

    second one not so sure….the getting deppressed part can also be getting high and happy.:)

  3. shweta says:

    OMG kokonad..
    Now what do u want from me..that I start a fan club “Kokonad 2-D fan club” 😛
    BTW ditto as Debleena..ISt one applies to me as well and not sure abt drinking one.
    keep the 2-D thing going..

  4. Kokonad says:

    Yes, the few advantages we have of living 10 seconds away from the bus stop 😀 Except of course, when one hits a tree on the way, like someone we know!

    Thanks Shweta! I really appreciate it! But I must say most of my work is inspired by Jessica Hagy’s Indexed, as I mentioned in my very first attempt in this. Spend some time there too, you will surely LOVE it. 🙂

    @Debleena and @shweta
    Deleted that second one (about the drinking) temporarily, but it will be back with a bang, and a more accurate description! 😀

  5. Nikita says:

    LOL!! love ur 2Ds, btw 😀
    (i took all those quizzes yday, so i’m ducking under the covers to escape your commentary on them!)

    was this after you read my post?? 🙂

  6. Shiv says:

    Hahaha… Welcome to the I HATE QUIZZES group! Atleast now they have the filter that helps you block quiz updates. Also, if you are a Firefox user, the GreaseMonkey plugin has a Facebook quiz blocking plugin. You could possibly install that too. 🙂

  7. Archana says:

    I agree! It’s just like the whole texting addiction versus picking up the phone and calling a friend. But Facebook can get pretty ridiculous – I know that people that live within the same apartment, as in share living space (roommates,etc), that wall post each other to communicate. Um. There’s a problem.

    Not to mention the creepy ‘poke’. That’s become like the mode of flirting, it’s uncomfortable. Lol. I’d rather have someone come up to me and talk to me straight up instead of poke me on facebook..and hope for I don’t know what, a poke back? Social networking sites have created a whole new type of socializing – – and I personally miss just some regular person to person communication.

  8. rads says:

    Agreed…though everybody knows about this we can’t but help doing it again n again…i’m one among them who feel its fun and i have a test with results posted on my blog too. In fact i was going to blog about this..My life just revolves around orkut, gmail, flickr n blogger…i can’t imagine a day without them n then i complain saying tht i’m putting on weight…i skip my gym, meals n sleep too sometimes jus to spend more time on the internet…talk about addiction…

  9. Anubhav says:

    Used to follow your Ti2D through orkut,but i guess your blog has even more interesting things,have added it to my reader.Why is it that people doing PhD come out with the most creative things..?

  10. Nikhil says:

    After all these comments, couldnt resist announcing that I dont have a facebook account ,and aint I proud of it!

  11. Reva says:

    I love ur 2D!!! :d U r hilarious!!! BTW ditto ditto debleena!!! 😀 Facebook even has a What brain are you? I am left brained but soon if I get hooked to these networking sites Ill become No brained! 😀

  12. Kadambari says:

    Lol! Your charts and graphs!
    And Facebook quizzes are the biggest joke. Especially its latest layout makes it a pain to scroll through that useless stuff in search of worthy ‘information’, if any! Most of those wild quiz takers are off my home page visible list now! But the number of quizzes there are increasing at an alarming rate! Now, that’s scary!


  13. iswarya says:

    Uh oh, it was not long ago that I got Brad Pitt as my “celebrity boyfriend” in an FB quiz! *Grins sheepishly*

  14. Kokonad says:

    Hi Nikita! Incidentally, it was *during* the time I was writing my post that I read yours. 🙂 It was a pleasant coincidence!

    Oh yeah… I just keep blocking them as they come! 😀 And yet they come up with more ridiculous quizzes. I like the ones on movies, though!

    Ha ha! Your issues with poking reminded me of a University of Pennsylvania based a cappella band called “Penn Masala” who sang The Facebook skit! You must watch it!

    😀 Don’t worry, you are not alone! I think most bloggers are like that! *Ahem*

    Thanks Anubhav! I must confess that creativity lies in our profession – looking at data and trying to come up with something that will explain why it is so odd 😀 Every PhD is going to vouch for this. If they contradict, they are lying!

    You are not one of us! In other words, you actually have a life! Aaah… I miss those days! 🙁

    Hello LaFemmeReva! Thank you so much for the compliments! What brain are you? Literally? Left and right!? I feel the categories should be – useful, useless, will do something great someday, expendable, pointless, waste of oxygen, will prevent something great from happening someday… 🙂

    Thank you Kadambari! You know what, your comment gave me a great idea for a new “Thoughts in 2D” graph. It will be coming soon – you’ll be the first to know! 🙂

    Hi I-still-love-the-way-you-spell-your-name, I am not judging you, don’t worry 😛

    Thank you everyone for the amazing comments!

  15. Gauri says:

    i agree.. completely agree…

    this post may interest you..

  16. iswarya says:

    OMG.. Are we stil on the subject of my name? :O

  17. Kokonad says:

    Thank you Gauri. Your post has an interesting take! More so because it was not as popular in India in December 2007 as it is now! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    😀 Ok ok! I will stop!

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