Thaw [Movie poster]

After my 2020 based news article earlier this month, and with everyone chipping in for Earth Day 2009 – I thought I should make a contribution too – to inspire people on earth day! The earth needs to be saved, people! Do your bit everyday. Here’s a movie idea – THAW.

Thaw - The movie

Thaw - The movie

Movie name based on “Saw”
“Saw” based font borrowed from JackassRules on Deviant Art.

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7 Responses to “Thaw [Movie poster]”
  1. Kadambari says:

    I like the idea! Creative and very much needed.. (‘coz the HOT Chennai Sun has made an oil reserve out of me. And I don’t want US missiles around!)


  2. Shreyasee says:

    Verry innovative. Definitely like it.! Work on it dada!

  3. rads says:

    Hmm thought provoking..mayb you should give it a try…these kinda movies create a riot sometimes…are you going to star in it?

  4. Deb says:

    I hated Saw….this shud be interesting:)
    who is starring in it?

  5. Kokonad says:

    Aaah, Chennai. I miss the *awesome* sweaty weather. It kept me in shape, you know! LOL @ oil reserve! Thanks for dropping by!

    Thanks Titir! No no no, me not giving any try. If my boss gets wind of it then I am gone with the wind.

    If it’s a riot, it will be a good riot! But again, I am not actually going to make a movie out of it… it’s only an on-paper idea. And no way, I AM NOT starring in it! 😀

    You hated Saw… but you might love Thaw. 😛 But no, not a real movie. No one is going to star in it!

  6. Roshmi says:

    ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’….. very apt, indeed!

  7. Kokonad says:

    Thanks Roshmi! 🙂

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