Love. Hope. Agony.

One way crushes are probably the most agonizing of things ever experienced by man (and woman). Literally everything that happens to you that is remotely connected to her/him, it is blown out of proportion in your head heart. The number of hours you have wasted on this pointless imaginary romance – which finally actually got nowhere – you wish you somehow get those lost school years back. OK, college years too. OK may be some of your work years as well.

You know you have a crush on her when...

In this piece continuing my series of The Occasional Doodle, I am effectively writing down something almost every guy goes through at least ONCE. 😀 [Left click for a larger size]

I just noticed that several of my Thoughts in 2D and The Occasional Doodle have a lot to do with relationships. I wonder what to make of that.

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49 Responses to “Love. Hope. Agony.”
  1. rads says:

    LOL or ALOL…I should say I’m too old for crushes, I mean I’m not that old but still I always had these on someone or the other at school, college, friends place, neighbours, workplace or simply at a bus-stop or in office-cabs (there come’s Mr.Cuteguy’s stop, I suddenly wake up from my nap and am all eyes ogling and drooling)…later I think what a bozo I am…but they are such delicate moments of pleasure and yes the heart breaks too when we find they are engaged or sometimes dumbos or jus not worth your feelings…loved your comic strip, its hilarious.

  2. rads says:

    Oh and btw thanks for your comments on my flickrstream…I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Debleena says:

    hahahaha…hilarious! 🙂 i love the refresh refresh part 🙂
    but i couldnt agree more, being the queen of daydreaming, I dont need facebook , orkut, twitter etc for the hype 🙂

  4. Nikita says:

    THIS is why i always have multiple crushes and in many places! heart break ka time hi nai milta 😉

    i SO love ur doodles. n want the in-house psychologist to analyse your preoccupation wid relationships?? 😉

  5. RukmaniRam says:

    *chuckle* too true man. too true.

  6. vishesh says:

    😆 😀 😆

  7. Anushaily says:

    Now now.. atleast I know where all this is emanating from 🙂 Dont you koke.. those countless hours you spent wondering whats going in her head.. only to realise that you are screwing with ur head and heart ..
    what fun times .. i have had listening to your stories..

  8. Kokonad says:

    Ha ha! Thank you Rads! Well, your comment gave me an idea for another of these doodles – a love triangle quadrilateral pentagon polygon that can add to the misery of one way relationships… LOL
    With regards to your flickr account – like I said, the macro shots are stunning! The color composition is simply brilliant!

    Thank you, thank you! 🙂

    Ah ha! Multiple crushes, eh? (Way to go!) I can picture you in my head in a conversation like this –
    “Yaar uski girlfriend hai-[interrupted, with a swift turn of the head in the other direction]-well, hello good-lookin’!”
    Ok perhaps not so cheesy, but you get the point, don’t you? 😛

    I am glad you agree, Rukmani! 🙂

    There, I gave you something *new* for your challenge! 😉

    Anu! First of all, I am thrilled that you left a comment on my blog! And second… now anyone who will read your comment is going to add 2 and 2 together to get 4 and some more masala to go with! (People, put a leash on your imaginations) 😛 Achchha so I used to wallow in self pity and broken-heartedness and you were laughing in your head all the while? Damn. I thought you were my baaaaaaaaast fraand! Waaaah.

  9. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he …

  10. Deepika says:

    I HAD seen this one! 🙂

  11. Archana says:

    Haha, I love the graphic! And yes, it’s absolutely nuts how anything a crush does is always analyzed and blown outta proportion – – that too, always in favor of what we want to think versus what is actually happening. 😛 Very cute graphic. Did you ever watch the movie, ‘He’s just not that into you”. That should be the theme movie for those individuals that catch themselves over-thinking what’s essentially black and white.

    Anyway, two thumbs up from me. 🙂

  12. Samir says:

    Wonderful comic strip… Hilarious as ever!

    Long long time ago, I read on a plastic container “Crush after use”!!! I know its just a plastic container… but I read it and I thought… “Hey I dont wanna be used… and so I dont wanna be crushed either!”

    Hey Koke, maybe you could have some sort of 2-D thoughts graph on this… Number of crushes versus similarity to used plastic containers!!!! 😀

    P.S. No offense to anyone taking crushes seriously!

  13. Debleena says:

    hahaha…samir thats a great idea…. graph titled “crushed”

  14. Reva says:

    Samir – Fab Idea 🙂

    U r the relationship guy.. Watch this movie – “He’s just not that into you” 😛

    Sigh!! Gone were the days when a simple love letter did the trick!

  15. TW says:

    LOL… I wonder on the topic concentration too!! ;-)))
    rather cute 2D btw…

  16. Ashwathy says:

    awww… poor thing lol.. but yep very reflective of life! 🙂

  17. ki says:

    Awwwwww! Poor guy!!!

  18. Kokonad says:

    Ok, ok! 😛 I admit defeat! But you are still going to a sucky grad school 😛

    Actually I did see the movie! Did not think very highly of it, but I did enjoy Drew Barrymore’s line when she said you now need to check so many places for a message, only to be dumped – and it was exhausting. Heh heh! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Heh heh… awesome idea! Lots of people loved it actually! 😀

    Ok, new expression based on Samir’s idea coming eventually!

    Me?! The relationship guy?! Hmmm, my friends will BEG TO DIFFER! 🙂
    As regards to love letter, sigh. I wish it were still in vogue (not your ‘tailor’ waala Vogue!). But I do love the concept of “prem patr”. It has so much love and passion in those two words itself…

    Thank you for the compliments! But at least for a good few months now, no more relationship related posts! 😛 People will start getting ideas! I had a couple of them drawn out – they will get published MUCH later.

    Welcome to my blog, Ashwathy! Thank you for commenting! I love your blog – especially the 55 Fiction! Blogrolling you.

    Thank you for commenting, Ki! 🙂 Welcome to my blog. 🙂 I loved your 55 Fiction stories as well (you already know that! :P)

  19. hee hee. brilliant. spot on the strip is. i loved the refresh refresh part. i’m passing the strip along to all the folks at work! cheers!

  20. Kokonad says:

    Thank you, thank you. And welcome to my blog! 🙂 I loved your blog and I am blogrolling you!

  21. Archana says:

    Haha yeah that line was a classic. I wouldn’t list the movie under my favorites – but I have definitely recommended it to one too many girls that I know who can’t seem to see what’s flat out obvious about men. Lol.

  22. Kokonad says:

    Oh yeah. Several people in this world (guys too, you know) require that vigorous shake by the shoulders! Except that they wouldn’t make a movie titled “She’s just not that into you”.

  23. brownphantom says:

    I could so identify with the strip.
    Very true and funny of course :).

  24. Gauri says:

    you have picked a very touchy topic.. some crushes still hurt 😀

  25. Kokonad says:

    Thank you! And thank you for dropping by and commenting! 🙂

    Heh heh! Thanks for commenting, Gauri!

  26. Archana says:

    Haha true, they just make movies like ‘What Women Want’ instead. 😛

  27. Sumit says:

    Lol! I went through something similar just a few days ago, so I can so relate to it. 😛

  28. Kokonad says:

    Which, btw, was not one of my favorite movies. I don’t think Mel Gibson should be allowed to act at all!

    I am glad you related to it, but also sad that you related to it! Like they say… Koi baat nahin… tera bhi number aayega! 😀
    Also, welcome to my blog!

  29. Roshmi says:

    Perhaps ‘such’ scenarios ‘inspired’ the ‘invention’ of the Britannia ‘little hearts’! 😉

    Roshmi´s latest blog post | Between the ‘Eye’PL lines…!!!

  30. Kadambari says:

    Aww! It all happens. And damn. Always in the head! And it takes so long to realize when it’s for real! LOL. Like takes time to let the reality sink in.

    P.S. I though I already commented on the post when I read it on Reader. Looks like that was in my head too. Sorry for the late reply!

    And your new favicon is really good! Swanky! 🙂

    Kadambari´s latest blog post – #Fail

  31. Kadambari says:

    Hey! Appending the latest post here is a real good add on! Whoa! Brilliant! 😀

    Kadambari´s latest blog post – #Fail

  32. Kokonad says:

    Aaaah, little hearts! You are probably right! And now I want to eat little hearts. We don’t get that delightful thing here 🙁

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! 🙂 Thou hast been very kind!
    First thank you – I am glad you liked the doodle!
    Second thank you – For the new favicon. I am actually trying out several and seeing which ones look good! I like this one – but it’s practically illegible on black/dark backgrounds!
    Third thank you – For the “latest post” add-on – it’s by I have new found respect for all my commenters, and I feel this is one way I can show my gratitude! 😛 I do plan to write a post later about how commenters are key to the success of a new blog. Responding to ALL comments is a must! And I never quite did that in my old blog 🙁

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  34. Nikita says:

    tada! you just won yourself an award 😛

    I know that’s very generous of me. It’s ok, you don’t have to be so overwhelmed 😉

    Nikita´s latest blog post – I Had A Dream

  35. adisha says:

    Hey you blog seems like great fun 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed your take on crushes and it’s so true :))

    Well, hoping to see more of u … Cheers,


    adisha´s latest blog post – Day Dreams of Tomorrow

  36. Kokonad says:

    Thank you thank thank you thank you! Sorry, me very overwhelmed! *sniff* Left you a LONG comment on your latest!

    Thank you Adisha! I love your blog too (blogrolled), and now I have subscribed to it!

  37. tangerine says:

    hilarious!!! loved the comic strip!

    tangerine´s latest blog post – Birthday cakes

  38. that was too good !
    Do you mind if I use your doodle in my blog ??

  39. Kokonad says:

    Absolutely, Rajarshi – no problems! Thank you, I am glad you liked it! If you can, can you provide a link back to this site? I would really appreciate it!

  40. Sur says:

    Hilarious! Each of you doodle / blog leaves me with a smile!

    Now that Anu has opened the can of worms, am so curious! Who was she 🙂 hahaha! School days!!

  41. Sur says:

    Hilarious! Each of the posts is leaving me with a laugh!

    And now that Anu has opened the can of worms… am totally going to tease you till you tell us who 🙂 hehehehe

  42. Kokonad says:

    Achchha, just because you have nicknamed yourself “Sur”, you expect me to sing like a canary? 😛
    Nice seeing you again on Facebook, and definitely nice seeing you on my blog! Thanks for the compliments, S 🙂
    Anu, I have a bone to pick with you.

  43. Sur says:

    Hahaha 🙂 Surbhi.. there you go 🙂 Nice seeing/reading you too! And now I rem who she was! Uffffffffff…. she was all you could talk about! Hehehe! I sympathise with Anu!

  44. Kokonad says:

    Hmmm. I am glad you remember 😛

  45. James Junior says:

    I was a crush King in my school days, up until high-school, then I got real girlfriends. Before then, every year I would develop a secret crush on one girl, one year it was a girl named Bernadette. Like you said, the amount of time spent imagining is incredible. I made the mistake of telling my sister and brother about it, who were in the same school. They swore that they were gonna tell her if I didn’t.

    I know they were only trying to help me but the thought of expressing my feelings for any girl is something that absolutely terrified me. Anyway, my sister bought me a rose from the florist and told me to go up to her and hand it to her.

    Monday morning came, I somehow gathered up the brass ones to go into school with this rose. I see her in the hallway, I am absolutely petrified and frozen, like I was bolted to the floor. I finally walk up behind her, and right as I was about to say my speech, the head of the rose broke off and fell on the ground right in front of her.

    She looked down, grabbed the broken rose and handed it to me, I was so nervous I just muttered, “Yeah this is for you, I mean was for you, but not anymore I guess, right?” She said, “Right.”

    That was my game right there, not bad for a 12 year old. If I had a noose right there, I would have hung myself in the hallway. Every thing that could’ve gone wrong, did. Now, years later, she is a drug addicted prostitute. I sure know how to pick ’em. Life can be without mercy at times.
    James Junior´s latest post – Schwarzenegger Legalizes Reefer- Then Shares a Blunt With Other Cabinet Members on Steps of Capital Building

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