If the Ramayan were on Facebook

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When I first thought of this idea, I intended to write the Mahabharat this way. Then I thought of writing World War II, then Indian Independence struggle and finally Jaswant Singh’s political fiasco with BJP. But then the plots are SO LONG! The Ramayan has a much more manageable plot, in comparison. And hence I have before you, if the Ramayan were to have an event update like Facebook, how would it be like! It’s a lot of work, doing it with the appropriate icons and the appropriate style. I tried to do it in the original Facebook template – but it was getting really difficult, thanks to my limited knowledge in coding. I hope you like it! 🙂 If you wanted to distribute this document, I would be grateful if you did it with a link to this post. Thank you!

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Edited to add – This post has become popular beyond what I could ever ever imagine. I thank every one for forwarding this around via Facebook, Twitter and emails! Thank you, and I am glad this article made you laugh, or at least smile. Krish Ashok of “Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa” fame did the Facebook Mahabharatha over a year ago. And that looks exactly like the Facebook format, and is outright hilarious!

Disclaimer: I have received a comment or two where people have found it a HUGE MISTAKE not to include the story of Kaikeyi and Dasarath and the two other wives. Here’s an addition from my side: I also did not include the story of Hanuman carrying Mt Gandhamadhana which had the flower Sanjivani to cure Lakshman of his coma during battle, either. I covered it all up in “Show 43 similar posts”
I decided to drop out the story behind Ram’s exile and the details of the war simply because this story is long as such, and I didn’t want my story to be longer so as to lose my reader. Referring to other comments, this is not to be taken as factually accurate, nor should it be considered to be educational. I wrote it for fun, just for generating a laugh or two. I do/did not intend to make mirth of the religious text of Ramayan. This article does not intend to portray any sort of disrespect towards religious sentiments. I hope you enjoy this article as a humorous piece, more than anything. Please read this in a light vein.

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246 Responses to “If the Ramayan were on Facebook”
  1. Slash\\ says:

    Was waiting for “Shabari offered Ram a pre-tasted blackberry” Ram accepts.

    This should start a trend. Mahabharta would be fun.
    Slash\\´s latest post – Drop 22

  2. Neelima says:

    ALOL! Totally! 😛
    And i now see what kept you away for so long.. must’ve taken a whole lot of effort to recreate the FB style..
    I loved the “What kind of King / Wife? ” quizzes.. Also the Sita IQ result of 45 just before getting kidnapped..Genius wonly!
    Neelima´s latest post – Mission Kumara Parvatha!

  3. Awesome dude!! It is just unbelievable how you recreated FB!! 🙂 It was totally worth the wait!!
    TheThoughtfulTrain´s latest post – There, a Dear Deer!! 🙂

  4. Anubhav says:

    I think Parshuram should comment on “Ram broke Shiva’s Bow” and Vibhishan must tell Ram about Ravana’s nectar secret 😀

    Writing this for Mahabharata would be fun,but the plot would be very long as you said,instead one could start from the game of dice 🙂

  5. Nikita says:

    Nikita Gupta likes this

    Nikita Gupta shared a link *to koke’s post*

    Nikita Gupta joined the group Koke’s Latest Post is Epic Stuff, Man!’

    Nikita Gupta took the quiz ‘Which Blog brings the widest smile to your face?’ and the result is ‘Mostly Pointless’

    *thumbs up!* 😀
    Nikita´s latest post – Indian Rehab

  6. Sriram says:

    This is real funny! Very ingenious. I remember seeing a post on Mahabharata in Facebook in Krish Ashok’s blog. Aweome post Kokonad!
    Sriram´s latest post – Tagged

  7. Rohan Tikekar says:

    Awesome, by far the most hilarious and creative post you’ve written. 😀


  8. Sayontan says:

    This was really funny!
    Sayontan´s latest post – A Sampling of Spam

  9. Kavi says:

    Hilarious ! Hilarious ! To the T ! Phew !
    Kavi´s latest post – Gas !

  10. Debleena says:

    i was just going to do what nikita did…:)
    priceless koke …seriously awesome.
    laughed my ass off !!!!!
    i especially loved the ideas of the quizes and the “likes” …..brilliant is the word !!!

    to think this is how the future generation will learn ramayana ……:)

  11. Debleena says:

    read it the second time…still laughing loud!!
    glad u did this after all that thought. 🙂

  12. Foreign Desi says:

    This is AWESOME, what an Idea!
    Foreign Desi´s latest post – And another chapter ends!

  13. Anuradha Kushwanshi says:

    LOLzzzz….this is fun 😀
    the applications, quizzes and likes are hilariously creative!! 😉
    seriously a treat for facebook fans like me… 🙂

  14. Serious says:

    Hey really nice work buddy..!! Awesome..

  15. Swarna Subash says:

    Absolute genius! 😀

  16. Archana says:

    Hahah, wow now that’s the kind of post that takes a lot of time & effort to come up with. Excellent, excellent. Loved the little so & so went from being single to it’s complicated. Nice FB touch on Ramayan, a job very well done Koke. 🙂
    Archana´s latest post – Date-food No No’s

  17. Krish Ashok says:

    Nice work 🙂 You’ve paid a lot of attention to detail. When I did it a couple of years back with the Mahabharatha, I just focused on the text and ignored the icons.

  18. chelli says:

    you missed out on the three mothers- kaikeyi, sumitra and kausalya, if i am not mistaken. that would be a huge, HUGE mistake. and kaikeyi’s dukhkha mancho, and mandara begum. and the two varams(wishes) that dritarashtra gave kaikeyi when dritarashtra married kaikeyi. and hats off to the woman’s brain-child, without which ram would never had got all the popularity. without which no ayodhya-war could’ve taken place?!! huh.

  19. Manisha says:

    mind blasting !!!!!!! totally ossum !!!!!!! 😀
    Manisha´s latest post – The Tree

  20. Nainy Sahani says:

    Oh my god! Hillarious!
    Nainy Sahani´s latest post – The Pointlessness of Being.

  21. Gaurav says:

    Hilarious!!!! just can’t stop laughing….damn creative it is! oh! and don’t be surprised if Bajrang Dal comes knocking at your door because you called Hanuman’s flying as long jump…..:) 🙂
    Gaurav´s latest post – Fuzzy

  22. Santosh Kumar says:

    Nice time pass:)

  23. Rohit Shanbhag says:

    simply awesum dude!!!!

  24. LOL! this is just awesome, wish I could come up with something like this on my website 🙂
    Pagal Patrakar´s latest post – Man runs out naked from neighbor’s house shouting ‘Eureka’

  25. Shipra says:

    This is hilarious! Good stuff 🙂
    Shipra´s latest post – Tiara smiles at the sky

  26. Mohit says:

    Totally LOL 😛
    It makes this sequence really funny if we start relating it to Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan…Whole of Ramayan looks cool and much more interesting.

  27. Vishakh says:


    its a real funny one :p

  28. krishna says:

    Totally Awesome !. Great Humor in creating this. You need a pat on yours shoulder pal 🙂
    krishna´s latest post – Google UK on Fire Today

  29. Brainstuck says:

    Wtf!!! this is ridiculous! How can one make fun on Hindu deities like that… Ramayan is an EPIC and this post is an EPIC WIN. I like it. 😀

    Who cares about the deities anyway !!!
    Brainstuck´s latest post – Ex

  30. Daaku says:

    ROFL .. this is masterpiece.

  31. Rooturaj says:

    Normally I dont like it when people make fun of religious texts. But this was decent. Good one. I laughed for 15 whole minutes. Will share definitely.
    Rooturaj´s latest post – Will ISRO’s Bhuvan beat Google Earth

  32. Sanjukta says:

    This is simply priceless… the most hilarious and most creative… hats off to you. this was my fav bit “ravana super poked kumbhakarna” LOL I fell off the chair reading it 😀

    cant stop laughing.. and wow.. FB interface created with such perfection…amazing
    Sanjukta´s latest post – To the cynics with love: An Ode to Twitter

  33. HaHaaaaa…

    man That was awesome….

    Hats off man…

    I couldn’t stop laughing…

    Lakshman took a Quiz,

    Suparnkha Changed status from single to Its Complicated…

    @rungss on Twitter
    Bijay Rungta aka @rungss, Sharing Knowledge´s latest post – The Past Week 2009-08-29

  34. Spitphyre says:

    The Mob Wars idea was a stroke of genius! And the “You too can find love” bit is priceless!

    I have never seen anyone put Facebook to such good task. Ever since @fartingpen passed me the link, I have been sharing it with everyone!

    Looking forward to more such stuff on your blog 😀
    Spitphyre´s latest post – Of Walls that Speak and Shout

  35. Kk says:

    So 132,457 people are thrilled Ravana ins dead and just 6 people like Ram as king? Ha!
    Good post. Ever thought of actually doing this on FB?
    Kk´s latest post – Godawfulpoetry Fortnight piece

  36. The Scribd thing does not open … it takes ages to stream and i am NOT on a slow connection.

    Can you plz upload the PDF on Google Docs and paste the link?
    Nikhil Kulkarni´s latest post – The day Could not have started worse

  37. Kolika says:

    Okay… so you are a genius 🙂 couple things: Ravana was married how can he go from its complicated to single?
    also, can Hanuman and Ravana both get the fire application before setting the tail and Lanka on fire?

    Great work…

  38. pyush says:

    amazing work man. highly creative stuff. enjoyed it to the core

  39. arjun says:

    awesome stuff

  40. Ashwathy says:

    OMG!! this is the most brilliant piece of creativity i’ve ever seen in recent times!! amalgamation of old and new!! awesome work, dude!!! 😀 😀 tooooooooooo good!
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  41. Gaurav says:

    simply awesm ….

    ::gaurav likes this… 🙂

  42. Aravind says:

    Aravind and 999,9999 others like this 🙂
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  43. mentalie says:

    super! super! super funnnnnnnnNNNN! super kokonad! clearly, i don’t have the words. will go back to the ramayana.
    mentalie´s latest post – first love, last rites

  44. NS says:

    Haha nice man hilarious!

  45. sushma says:

    awesome thought and u knw wat may b in future we would ask our children to go through these pdf’s and chk the results in quiz and be happy that they were able to knw our historic events…For american born INDIAN kids:)

  46. chaitanya says:

    awesome stuff!!!

  47. Sonu says:

    Funny. Nice creativity.

  48. Ravi says:

    Hats off man …awesome wrk !!

  49. chelli says:

    i am sorry i was incapable of laughing on this. dint think it was comical, considering the effort that sinha must’ve put into the making of “ramayan made easy”. it would help educate the generation-now on the epic history of the then-india. keep up the good work, kokonad.

  50. mahadevan says:

    You have talent man….way to go

  51. Hi.. This is really good.. Nice. Can you please share the pdf with me???

  52. ayan says:

    fun to read! excellent execution of an idea. well done dost!

  53. Mamta says:

    hello.. This is really hilarious.. Very nicely placed and edited.. Cheers you ve done a great job..

  54. Aditya says:


  55. Adi says:

    This is hillarious. Only someone who has extensive knowledge of both Ramayana and facebook can write this. Not that both are rocket science! 🙂 But this is simply super! Astounding stuff!
    Adi´s latest post – Transform The World, Start From Within

  56. Vaibhav says:

    Great post dude,

    PS-Were you ever in a school called Navrachana, Baroda?
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  57. vinni says:

    and the original post award goes to this one!
    vinni´s latest post – Riding with the BOSS

  58. sindhu says:

    Way to go!! It is so funny 🙂

  59. Sid says:

    Hey… really good work.. I had done a similar piece earlier… When facebook was releasing its first new version…
    But yours’ a better idea… 🙂

  60. Sid says:

    Sita took the IQ test!! ROFL!!

  61. gurdeep bagga says:

    hahahaha crazzzy

    hahaha 1 of the crazest thing hahaha kick ass dood !!!!

  62. Manu says:

    Awesome ..one of the very creative pieces I have seen in some time



  63. maxdavinci says:

    some brilliant punches, and extensive work on the apps/quizzes. good s***

    hate to say it, but FB works bottom up

  64. Alphabytes says:

    awesome dude.

  65. Rocky says:

    Interesting read. Keep writing. may I share it on FB?

  66. Selva says:

    This is hilarious!.. what an imagination!!!.. keep it up!
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  67. Suraj says:

    This is sooo funnnyy :)) good stuff dude. what an imagination.

  68. ST says:

    incredibly average.. The “if this was a Facebook page/account” thing is quite old.
    So much you could have done dude.

  69. Hilarious!!! Really really bang-up job. Well done and thanks for the laughs.
    longblackveil´s latest post – Celeb Lookalikes

  70. hey this is so much fun …

    lol twitted n re-tweeted

  71. verby says:

    hey u do come up with really insane and interesting stuff 🙂 its too good!! u did some work for ths!!! keep it going!
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  73. Mayur Lohia says:

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  74. Scorpria says:

    Way to go dude!
    Spell-binding imagination! Loved it 🙂

    Any more such original pieces?
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  75. Siddhartha says:

    Brilliant. I enjoyed it. You should try Mahabharatha as well. 🙂

  76. Anil says:

    You have talent man….way to go ; fun to read! excellent execution of an idea. well done dost!

  77. sudhir says:

    i must say buddy….
    u have done grt job…!!

  78. hardik sardana says:

    i laughed my ass off dude, f****** hilarious…attaboy!!!

  79. Rishi says:

    Rishi read this post, and died laughing. Can you beat this?

  80. Siddhant says:

    Awesome piece of creativity man… hilarious…. LMAO

  81. dwaipayan says:

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  82. Alok says:


  83. Soumya Mohapatra says:

    Amazing! You seem to be the master of both – Facebook and the Ramayana – not to mention a keen sense of humour ;). I can almost imagine u chuckling away while drafting this down..way to go!

  84. Roshmi says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Awesome! Mind blowing… too good! 😀
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  85. Dilip says:

    Dude!! awesome work 🙂

  86. ruSh.Me says:

    Its amazingly simplified and well posted for our young Facebook-reading-junta!!
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  87. Shreya says:

    Vintage stuff!!
    Koke, You are back to your best.
    keep it up . 🙂 🙂

  88. Arjun says:

    Arjun likes Kokonad’s link.
    Arjun´s latest post – Dude, You’ve changed!

  89. Bharat Verma says:

    All I can say is that Ramayana in BRIEF!

  90. chelli says:

    wow, seems like you took my comments seriously!! it was not meant to be. well, thanks anyway!! sigh

  91. Ram says:

    Not funny, I did not like it

  92. Chs says:


    Its good to say about your creativity but you can also think about whom you are speaking
    He is Supreme Lord the Lord of three worlds and you cannot make a funny thing like this about Him

    Take care

  93. kavita bhovar says:

    I saw that many people like it what you have written and you got good comments. But I didn’t like it at all because ram, sita, hanuman etc they are our god and godesses we pray them,respect them. we celebrate their functions. whatever had shown in ramayana was true. we should learn from it we should not make fun of it using this computer world.

  94. Really Great and Hilarious …
    Neeraj Agarwal´s latest post – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Face of India

  95. chelli says:

    funny comments, i must say.

  96. Anuj Puri says:

    DID you know that……? You are great……………………….. 🙂

    dear Pls send pdf

  97. krithika says:

    Brilliant !!!!!

  98. Aditya says:

    kickass man!

  99. rad says:

    Totally awesome! I got a forward on this today at work and just googled to get a link to put up on facebook!

    I hope you are making some bucks out of such musings or at least you shd seriously think about it!

    good luck! Try Sholay – small plot 😀

  100. Anamika says:

    OMG! WOW I’m promoting this 😀 😀

    Excellent work with the notifications =))

  101. som shekhar says:

    Lovely… Couldn’t be better…

    only felt that there is one icon incorrect.

    “Ravan changed his status from “Its Complicated” to “Single””

    This statement has a full heart. It should be a broken heart. Otherwise… neat. love it.

  102. Itti says:

    Totally awesome!!
    It does take time, but plzz keep doing this.

  103. DUDE!!! This is beyond amazing…. ROFL…. You’ve done an outstanding work… Me and my room mate were ROFLMAO reading this…

    Pushp Deep Pandey´s latest post – At the lake

  104. suvayu says:

    This is hilarious. great job man!

  105. Seema says:

    Amazing !!!

  106. Ajinkya says:

    Kickass man! Way too cool!
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  107. Ajinkya says:

    Let me know if you want to join hands in doing this for Sholay !
    Ajinkya´s latest post – Someone else.. theory

  108. Pallavi says:


    this is damn coool man and hillarious!!…. :)…

    mustt say u really have a funnny bone!… :D….

    luking forward to soem more stuff like this!…


  109. Pallavi says:

    btw.. I am taking the liberty of posting your link on my FB profile….

    would love to share my laugh with other friends as well!…

    hope its okay with u..


  110. tintin says:

    have to say.. it’s cool, man!

  111. Sampada says:

    Awesome…..ravana super poked kumbhakarna!! simply hillarious!

  112. Chhavi says:

    dis 1z amazing….cool

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    This is just awsome..got to know abt this link from collegue of mine..dam good. keep it up

  114. Suparna says:

    By far one of the best versions of the Ramayana…really funny!!..u should probably start writing a few other epics as well..

  115. jeyoou says:

    Way too cool, Koko!! I fell out of my vimana, laughing

  116. ram says:

    Brilliant. super amazing. i have never laughed so hard for a long time. must add this in text books :p super creative work.

  117. Paras says:

    Really creative stuff man…u brainwashed the original story out of my head…I was like.. “WOW, DID’NT KNOW THAT PART TOO”…really awesome…

  118. Archit says:

    Amazing work!!! hilarious and tickling….just that the part where Ravana changes his status from ‘its complicated’ to ‘single’, made me laugh extra time…he wasn’t single dude, he was married!!! what would Mandodri think??? he he

  119. Maitrayee says:

    Excellent. Love your blog!
    Maitrayee´s latest post – The Chase

  120. adi says:

    its really creative and imaginative indeed but in a way its a mockery of our religion

  121. Amazing Amazing… My God.. It was very very creative.. Kudos 🙂
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  122. supratik says:

    awesome ! .. haha !

  123. Prateek Shah says:

    This is extra ordinary creativity.. Veryy Innovative. Kudos to you.

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    Awesome stuff, just tooo good. Thanks for making a nice laugh!
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    Funny stuff.

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    Cool dude..awesome!!!

  127. The Survivor says:

    This was too good!!

    Great stuff, like the way you put it in words to describe the modern Ramayan in Facebook era.
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  128. Soham says:

    Astonishing!!!! Astounding sense of humor, microscopic details, un-orthodox spin, ballistic precision etc etc. Jai Ho.
    P.S. Your name reminds me of a Madhusudan Dutta’s poem!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. chandan says:

    killer stuff dude!!!cant stop laughing!!great work keep em comming if possible!!

  130. Radha says:

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  131. Praveen says:

    Superb work man!!!!hats off..
    got this as forwrd..and searched out ur blog..
    awesome ~
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    This is very creative! Nice work!
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  133. Shagun says:

    sorry guys but I find this super idiotic…wats so creative n funny about it ???? can this guy use enough brain and write a great epic Ramayan or innovate any such application on facebook? its nothing but remixing two great stuffs and making fun (n perhaps some money) out of it. Its nothing more than writing jingle on popular song track…
    I discourage such mockery !

  134. Rahul says:

    Amazing stuff!!!
    I’ve added this as 6 pics on Facebook , with your name… (3-4 days back, i got this as an e mail) and I’ll add this link too ..
    (i’m ready to remove if you want)
    I just wanted to ask that how can we add that button
    ” This post featured on BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks. Thank you Nikita, for tipping BlogAdda! ” coz two of my posts have also been included there !

  135. dunkdaft says:

    Never never I have read such insanely funny thing. GREAT.
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  136. rads says:

    WOW!!! that was absolutely hilarious … keep coming with more…
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  137. vicky says:

    supar cool work..!!!

  138. chelli says:

    this may sound crazy. but i’ve heard that sita could’ve been ravan’s daughter!!

  139. SK says:

    Cool stuff that
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  140. Sumit says:

    Simply brilliant… and richly deserved recognition by blogadda!
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  141. Neha Singh says:


  142. Solilo says:

    This is absolutely howlarious!

  143. Shruti says:

    Fantastic job!

  144. Rajarshi Roychowdhury says:

    Awesome job bro !!! Loved this one 🙂

  145. Praveen says:

    Totally Mind Blowing. I have the link to this page as my orkut status 🙂

  146. this is crazy dear. Someone forwarded it to me today morning and now I found the source without searching for it . Waiting for mahabharta
    Bishwajeet Mahato´s latest post – Recharge Mobile Phones Battery from the Radio Wave

  147. Sai says:

    Swear I read something similar about Moses. But love the disclaimer bro, nice touch!

    Have some backbone man…

  148. Good piece. Will hope to see more epcis and some global eents like the Great recession of 2008 – 2009, the sensitive index , etc in this format.

    Please visit my blog – vinodasanchaaram.blogspot.com
    Will appreciate comments.
    Vinod Vadassery´s latest post – Mind It!

  149. MK says:

    Not a good stuff not of a good taste.

  150. Nitin says:

    Hi koke, great post again! I wonder how anyone could find this profane. Valmiki would be rofl if he would ever read this..

  151. Saurav says:

    Funny!! in a good way…

  152. Slash\\ says:

    You are a celebrity dude. A colleague just forwarded me this pdf (and to all in the office). I just nodded and told him I was the FIRST to comment on the original 😉

    Few months back, I’d stumbled upon this on reddit. Thought you might want to know.

    Slash\\´s latest post – Oscar. Sierra Hotel India Tango.

  153. Vijay Joshi says:

    Awesome post man. That made me laugh for hours. Saw this in an email i got from a friend. Instantly I searched for you in google and reached here.
    Will be reading your blog regularly now.
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  154. Sameer says:

    KOKONAD, this is the best i have ever read on the net, your template or format makes it a bit complicated. but yeah bravo! i request u to kindly explore the options with Mahabharata and jaswant singh, too good.

  155. suman says:

    This was a treat. It came to me as a fwd yday, but am glad to know the source. Hats off to the effort taken and very impressive!

  156. Narendra says:

    i remember my days at school directing the modern mahabharata act!..and i remeber speaking a similar disclaimer too:) but this is nothing like that..this is awesome…more than anything the idea is awesome…surpanaka liking posts,lakshman commenting,sita taking quizzes and Ram adding applications..this is bizzare.,,,great one..seriously…please come with more of this.. i so much want to see a facebook-sholay or a twitter-DDLJ!!LOL
    Narendra´s latest post – two poems FOR a girl child…

  157. Post Script says:

    Absolutely awesome. I’m sharing this.

  158. Tangerine says:

    Yet another fabulous post!! 🙂
    Tangerine´s latest post – It’s rainning in Chennai

  159. Minal says:


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  160. Minal says:


    This post is a huge rage and is super!!! The humor is unbelievable, the imagination awesome! I got to read it a bit late but keep it up!!! Hoping many more such innovative posts from you!!

  161. suraj jain says:

    awesome stuff.. luking fwd to next post
    suraj jain´s latest post – surajkala: ROFL!!! If the Ramayan were on Facebook http://bit.ly/RzFMQ (via @sajal) #fb

  162. dude amazing post.

    I have tried writing “If sholay were on facebook.”

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  163. Greshma says:

    If you wrote this, u got one hell of a sense of humour!
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    • Apoorv says:

      Insane reasoning !! What’s in being a fan of metallica , judas priest .. how is this related to my comment here .. !!

      Being a fan of a foreign band does not mean i have stopped respecting my values .. you ass .. !

    • Apoorv says:

      Also, Stop suggesting me life .. life is not inlaughing about such sucking humour) .. you better go get a name for yourself .. fearful fool !

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      And how the hell has my facebook profile linked here .. you seem to be one of my friends .. come on .. you can yell me your name .. you won’t be bruised for that ..

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    ® RAM called Paul,the psychic octopus to predict his future:

    Dear ram,based on your past,you have a very harsh and tough life at jungle……

    Beware of some people around you…

    (kaikey likes it,4876666 comments)

    ®DASHRATH:sorry folks,but ram has to go to jungle due to some internal prblms for 14 years…

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    ®SUPERNREKHA wrote on LAXMAN wall:”hey dude,u luk hot…..i wanna meet U…

    (Ravana,indrajeet and 20 others like it,50999 comments)


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