Take that picture again!

Delete that photo

It’s a party. Or an outing. All of you who have digital cameras obviously love your cameras and love taking pictures. Whether it is a single profile shot, or a small group shot, you are often told to delete a pic. These are some of the issues because of which I am told to take a picture again, and delete the previous one. Now analyzed by gender.

Guys’ complaints:
1. I blinked
2. Photo blur
3. Dude, I am not in the frame

Girls’ complaints:
1. My shoes are not visible
2. My shoes are visible
3. My smile is weird
4. My laugh is weird
5. My hair is not proper
6. My eyes are weird
7. My nails are not done
8. My nails are done
9. Uncool dress
10. Unhot dress
11. She looks cooler
12. She looks hotter
13. The left side of my face is weird
14. The right side of my face is weird
15. I don’t like my face from the front
16. I don’t like your face from the front
17. Unknown reason (won’t tell)
18. I blinked

Girls, you look absolutely fabulous. We guys love to have you in our photos, and we admit we generally don’t have an eye for detail(led flaws) – but we earnestly love to see you with that carefree laugh, with the surprised look or that absolutely mesmerizing stray lock of hair. Ladies, you look gorgeous. Always. You brighten up our photos. You bring life to them. 🙂 Guys, back me up on this.

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44 Responses to “Take that picture again!”
  1. Archana says:

    Yayyy Koke back in full swing. 🙂 I love this one because it’s OH SO TRUE! Heh, I’m guilty of quite a few of those reasons for taking another picture, heh, It’s just because we want to make sure the picture turns out perfffecttt.

    Though being the peach that i am (lol), if for some reason everyone else looks fabulous and I happen to be caught in a goofball moment, I tend to photoshop myself outta there and still post the pic up on FB for the happiness of everyone else. Haha, such a big heart I have right? 😛 My main reason to take a picture again is usually when my nose piercing catches the flash and then there’s like this white star burst on my face. That’s when we do a re-do and that’s also probably why so many of my pictures are of me on the right with my face slightly titled leftwards. Aah, there’s a whole science to picture perfect. 😉
    Archana´s latest post – Be a Better Friend <3

  2. Megha says:

    haha….that graph is funny…though somewhat true..
    seems you have hard time at some outing with photoshooting 😀
    But then the girls just wants it to e perfect, the way it should be 🙂

    i think this proves, girlz are perfectionists …
    Megha´s latest post – Thy belief gives strength

  3. that is way too funny. and very true.
    and in the case of my mom, it starts before that. you can not take candid pictures, not in home clothes, night suits, without lipstick, kaajal and major hair combing. all our candid pictures look like they were taken on the way out of the beauty parlour!
    agentgreenglass´s latest post – Slide and lift and slide and drop. No, not dead.

  4. perplexed says:

    haha.. oh so true!! there is so much that goes into looking the way we do and we can’t let a photo ruin it all… 😛
    perplexed´s latest post – Dear God,

  5. LOL! I dislike being photographed for the exact reasons you ticked off! 😀 Good one Koko … !!
    TheThoughtfulTrain´s latest post – Munni..

  6. Nikita says:

    lol lol lol

    i’m guilty of doin that too….i hardly ever like my pictures. 😛
    ditto as archana for the nose pin thing. and hair…oh my god….i tell u, that can make or break a picture! 😀
    Nikita´s latest post – Just In That Mood

  7. Gaurav says:

    well….#17: Unknown reason (won’t tell) always drives me crazy……and u missed “I look fat in this one!” from the list!!! 😛
    Gaurav´s latest post – Unlikely Things to Hear on Ektaa Kapoor Serial

  8. amreekandesi says:

    Interesting stuff!
    amreekandesi´s latest post – How to Survive on Delhi’s Roads

  9. Gkam says:


    Funny but oh soo true! Guitly as charged! 😛

  10. Grayquill says:

    You nailed it – men simple – – – women complicated
    Men – simple – – – women difficult
    Great Post – I am glad your back
    Grayquill´s latest post – Homemade Ice Cream

  11. Sriram says:


    …a big smile in version1 of the photo quickly turns into a forced, weak, pained smile by version[n]. sore cheeks.
    Sriram´s latest post – It’s a guy thing

  12. Ashwathy says:

    okie 🙂 point taken!
    waise, i m more picky regarding TAKING pics rather than being in them! i m in search of the perfect frame 😛 but i love natural poses too… artificiality takes away the life of it!
    Ashwathy´s latest post – The Fast & Furious tag

  13. Wali says:

    You rock man!!!
    Wali´s latest post – Rajanigandha…

  14. Dharini says:

    LOL, like every other girl, I stand guilty too! 😉

    But sometimes, won’t you agree all the re-takes were worth it, eh? (ahem ahem)
    Dharini´s latest post – How true..

  15. maxdavinci says:

    I even get requests to delete comments they’ve left on teh blog so that they can comment something more intelligent again!

  16. Saurabh says:

    Funny and well-written. I wonder whether being a good photographer helps or hurts you.
    Saurabh´s latest post – Perseverance

  17. Slash says:

    Apparently, the girls are so hung up on ‘eye-candy’, they fail to comprehend ‘candid’. Pity.
    Slash´s latest post – Credits

  18. Minal says:

    #19: I was talking when you clicked that
    #20: I was not looking at the camera
    #21: I was looking at the camera but I appear squinted
    #22: I was looking at you not at the camera
    #23: I’m not smiling enough
    #24: I’m smiling too much
    #25: My teeth are showing
    #26: My teeth are not showing

    Kokonad need more??? The list is rather endless…..lol:-))) Had a gr8 time reading yours:-))
    I am not getting a defense attorney since all your charges are perfect;-)

  19. mentalie says:

    hullo kokonad! here are a few you missed out on:
    i’m feeling ugly today
    that one is CENSORED
    eeek! is that my nose???
    mentalie´s latest post – the moves of a 34C

  20. chelli says:

    it is so beautifully written. i could identify myself with it. but now i have reached a point where asking for a better pic of mine would mean getting a plastic surgery done. so i dont crib, fret or fume on some silly pic. sour grapes, you know. anyways, loved what you wrote. simple and apt. and you must have had that humor nerve of yours pretty much over-worked

  21. Choco says:

    Aww…Aren’t you sweet… :p
    But this is so true…so true…. 🙂
    Choco´s latest post – Fab week – A Tube Tale

    • Kokonad says:

      I know I have been missing in action 🙁 The brain part of mine that is involved with writing was on strike! LOL@Nose piercing… coming to think of it, it can be pretty comical! You are pretty and everything – a little photoshopping can always be done… Meanwhile I photograph miserably. I am my worst subject! I delete most of my own photos because I look staggeringly stupid in those! 😀

      Aaah, where do I even begin! I know I know… girls want it to be perfect and all… but we guys find you gorgeous outside of a photo as well! You can tell a photographer to click again. But can you tell a guy to look again? 😛 Thanks for the comment!

      Thank you, thank you. Oh yes. Moms never want to be photographed candidly. You’ve hit the nail right in this matter!

      Welcome to my blog, Perplexed! I must say I love your blog, and you have a new subscriber! 🙂 Regarding your comment, yeah but you look so great candid! And we guys don’t care if you have a lop sided left eyebrow! 🙂 No, really! We don’t!

      Thank you, thank you. I am glad you liked it!

      You? Dislike? Photo? Hair? Seriously? Sunday? Lauki?
      (I added the last two because I was on a single-word-question spree)
      If anything, you photograph wonderfully! ATHHHGBG.

      😀 😀 You have NO idea how much I kicked myself for forgetting that! THAT ONE is the primary reason for my retaking pictures! How could I have forgotten that while writing the post when it really was the inspiration itself! Grrrr.

      Thank you! 🙂

      I am glad you liked it! 🙂 Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting too!

      Ha ha ha ha! You have years of wisdom with you sir, I pay heed to your words. 🙂 I have been busy and away – and have not caught up with several blogs that are lying in my reader 🙁

      Heh heh, the folly of the weakening smile! 🙂

      😀 Ha ha ha ha ha! Join my club, Ashwathy. I am going to quote a very dear friend who commented this on my facebook account. 😀 I am sure you will enjoy it!

      […] the funniest part is , in your case , you delete most of the pics!!…”clarity thik nahi tha”, “the light was in the wrong place”,”the focus was on the wrong thing”, “the zoom angle was wrong

      Thank you 🙂

      Yes, yes, they are! But… 😛

      Ha ha ha ha ha! I just introduced that feature in my blog! People can now edit their comments for up to 5 minutes after posting it 🙂 I should thank you for reminding me to do it!

      Thank you ji, thank you 🙂 I think in the long run, a good photographer helps you! Which reminds me, you have not posted anything new in your flickr account for a long time!

      Ha ha ha! Man, I think we should not judge girls about them judging themselves by a photo. 😀

      The list is indeed endless! And yes, #19, #20, #22 and #24 happen waaaaayyyy too many times! 😀 Thanks for adding to the list. This is brilliant! 🙂

      Ha ha ha ha! I think I should just put an edited to add section in my post with all your suggestions! Somehow no one is suggesting any guy-comments! 😀

      Thanks Chelli! But I do hope I never end up actually overworking my humor nerve!

      Heh heh 😀 I know. I am pretty sweet. 😛

  22. Roshmi says:

    Ha! Ha! Thats an entertaining read…

    P.S. Shubho Bijoya!
    Roshmi´s latest post – Shubho Bijoya and a very Happy Dussehra/Vijayadashami… !!!

  23. Slash says:

    ok, now that you mention it, here’s one for the guys:
    # I was staring at the ***** (a wrong place)
    Slash´s latest post – Credits

  24. Kokonad says:

    Thank you, thank you 🙂 Shubho Bijoya to you too!!

    Heh heh heh! 🙂

  25. tangerine says:


    hilarious but true.

    btw, subho bijoya.
    tangerine´s latest post – Fly away home.

  26. Ha ha 🙂 But, you sure guys don’t wonder about their shoes, smile, shave, hair, pose, frown, eyes etc 😉
    Indian Homemaker´s latest post – Why do women stand by erring husbands?

  27. Kokonad says:

    Tangerine! Long long time no see! 🙂 Shubho Bijoya to you too! Thanks for commenting 🙂

    #Indian Homemaker:
    😀 Actually you know what… we do, but we are just too embarrassed to admit it. Except for the shoes bit. But let’s just keep all that to ourselves, won’t we!
    Also, this is your second comment on my blog! Welcome to my blog! I will never get to replying to comments on the Ramayan post… that thing is beyond me!

  28. Borna says:

    Considering the fact that the parameters involved in the second (girls) case is 6 times the no of parameters in the first (guys) case, I would have expected the curve to be exponential and not linear
    Borna´s latest post – Mad Winds

  29. djd says:

    where were u all the while ?i din find this blog so funny 🙂
    djd´s latest post – The Indian Dream

  30. Kokonad says:

    #Borna: You are absolutely, absolutely, absolutely right! In fact from the next time on, I am going to think a little about these implications too! 🙂 I typically just draw a dependence randomly – I always did exponential curves and thought I will do linear for a change… and didn’t quite think it through.
    Aside, welcome to my blog! 🙂 And thanks for commenting.

    🙂 Welcome to my blog DJD… I hope you meant ‘you didn’t find a blog so funny’ and not ‘you didn’t find this blog so funny’! But thank you for commenting! Hope to see you visiting again!

  31. garima says:

    Hey, i have been reading a number of blogs lately. . . BUT . . . i found ur blog utterly creative and awesome. . . read some of ur blog posts . . . specially dat “ramayan and facebook” one . . . dats one’s fantabulous . . . beautifully written . . .

  32. This blog post was so hilarious! Looks like girls complain more than guys do! I can prove that. My friends and I will take 10 photos for instance, but will only approve 3 “perfect” shots. This scene’s very common with girls.

    I had a good laugh, thanks for sharing this post!

  33. verby says:

    lol back u so that u wudnt have to take as much retakes?
    😛 😛

  34. Archana says:

    Oooh come on, you’re being silly! It’s funny, people who love taking pictures are always so critical about how they look in pictures. I’m sure you look fine, I’ve seen pics, you’re perfectly adorable Koke! As for my photographer friends, I think the one picture of yourself that you’d love is a picture that someone else takes of you – – while you’re taking a photograph. Those always turn out awesome. 🙂 I’ve taken a candid photo of a friend while they’re so concentrated on taking a picture, and it just works so well!

    Anyway, the reason I happened to swing by again is because my recent vacation reminded me of this post. No matter what, women are always picky about pictures, lol. We take SO many. I realized that after I came back from one weekend and ended up with 300 something pictures. Nutty. 😛
    Archana´s latest post – Travel right aka light.

  35. Seema says:

    This post is just awsome … very true with comments cz i usually end up with all that …..:)

  36. Kokonad says:

    Thank you Girlie, I am glad you liked the post and it made you laugh 🙂 I am sorry for the ludicrous delay in replying to these comments – but I do hope you drop by again!

    Heh heh heh, may be you should have a do/do-not list while on a trip too! 🙂 It’s a pity you are on hiatus now – your lists are so much fun to read! May be your next post could be on things not to do in the US…?

    Ha ha ha ha! I am glad you concur! 🙂

  37. Kokonad says:

    (Sorry, missed yours here!)
    Heh heh, pretty much! 😛

  38. Subha says:

    Great post, I wonder how many times I have thought this way. i love to be photographed as this posts sounds to me that am I always this picky?..haha. True and hilarious..I am impressed as I know you understand a girls mind very well. Your wife/ Girlfriend is sure one hell of a lucky women !

    • Kokonad says:

      Ooooh no! I don’t think I understand a girl’s mind at all! 😛 I wish, but no. I will use this comment as testimony though!
      I am glad you liked the post! 🙂

  39. Siddhartha says:

    hahahahahaha…this is awesome man 🙂
    Siddhartha´s latest post – What’s your food type?

  40. Prachi says:

    I accidently visited your blog..and the next half n hour was great…had an amazing time reading ur blog..specifically this one…i can so much relate to it 😛

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