Oil spill: The bright side

I am making a brief comeback. Much as I love blogging and writing, my work has taken over my life right now, and I am barely even getting ideas to blog about. Here’s a small one. A PJ, if you will.
Given the current issues with the oil spill and global warming, I thought we Bengalis should make hay while the sun shines. British Petroleum, here’s a business proposition for you – start your sea food restaurant chain.

New age recipe

You don’t even have to do much. Mother earth is cooking it up for you.

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19 Responses to “Oil spill: The bright side”
  1. Anuradha Kushwanshi says:

    Welcome back!! 🙂

  2. Anuradha Kushwanshi says:

    Oh, and liked the “Like” button on your blog! 😀
    Now I’m planning to go on a liking spree and “Like” all your posts 🙂

  3. Tanusree says:

    Good to hear from you – a J is a J, P or whatever! made me grin!!!

  4. Choco says:

    Welcome back. Do stick around.

    And lol. That would be like a drive in. Lunch in your car that smells like your car. Buhahahaa 🙂
    Choco´s latest post – Snubby Noses And A Wish

  5. Roshmi says:

    Ha! Ha!

    But do tell BP that Bengalis are fond of river fish…

    P.S. Welcome back… after the very short ‘Kitkat break’ 😉
    Roshmi´s latest post – Songs, Blood and Sword… Untruths, Half-truths and Fiction (Part-III)

  6. mentalie says:

    …and the world will be a fishier place 🙂

    ps: chuck work and come back for good!
    mentalie´s latest post – pliz evakvate!

  7. Indyeah says:

    Kya PJ hai:)

    On a serious note the oil spill has caused such havoc ! 🙁

    All the best for your day to day stuff thats keeping you busy:)

  8. Sriram says:

    Welcome back Kokonad.

    funny post!
    Sriram´s latest post – Thunnnk!

  9. gkam says:

    Great comeback. Keep it coming!
    gkam´s latest post – Renovation Frustration

  10. Scorpria says:

    Hahahahaha…brilliant one.
    In fact, i read that line as “APJ, if you will”. And at the end of the post, i wondered why you were addressing it to our dear ol’ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 😀 😀

  11. Nitu says:

    Hilarious at the same time a serious eye-opener!!!

  12. Sulagna says:

    Very witty ..Loving the way you think and write …Great work !!
    Sulagna ´s latest post – The Predator – Prey Balance

  13. Sulagna says:

    Very witty ..Like the way you think and write …Great work !!
    Sulagna ´s latest post – The Predator – Prey Balance

  14. Just dropped in to say hello.. Appears you have been away for quite a long time!
    Gauri Gharpure´s latest post – Divaso judaai na- Gani Dahiwala- A translation

  15. verby says:

    LOL good one indeed! and since it is the comeback, hope to see more from you 🙂
    verby´s latest post – Perspectives!

  16. Lol… that was a gud one….!
    Devil Incarnate´s latest post – Unfinished Book!

  17. where have you disappeared?! update the blog please… 🙂
    Gauri Gharpure´s latest post – Can widowed women wear gajra

  18. priyanka says:

    bheja fry:)

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