Because every picture has a story to tell

Post updated on 12th September 2015
If you have come here looking for my photography page, here it is:

Mostly Pointless Photography

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9 Responses to “Because every picture has a story to tell”
  1. PA says:

    Loved the pics! ‘Liked’ the page!

  2. tangerine says:

    hey!! after such a long time.. Good to see u back.. loved the pix!

  3. Tanusree says:

    yes – waiting patienly to READ your stories – long wait it was … now can’t wait more…
    will still wait patiently for some more time!!!

  4. rads says:

    well this is an inspiration…now i really wanna update my blog tooo…its been ages since i posted something… n u don’t actually hv to ask me to comment coz i ‘m already a fan of ur pics n do drop in regularly to see wht’s new…

  5. Ashwathy says:

    I am just waiting for you to write actually! 🙂

  6. Well I would look forward to your stories more 🙂

  7. CHANDAN DAS says:

    look forward how a snap of “native photo systems” wud look like !! 😉 scattering neutrons…

  8. mythri says:

    nice to see u back as well!! waiting for your awesome graphs 🙂

  9. christina says:

    nice to see this pics
    non voice projects

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