Social networking is not.

First I was tired of seeing weird names on Orkut. Now I am TIRED of seeing those irritating tests of Facebook that go “What kind of _____ are you?” That _____ could be any of the following: fruit, underwear, switchboard, poop, detergent, refrigerator, carburetor, lawn mower, chewing gum stage, ear wax, potato, weed, antenna, sock,  or molester. And then they, with *careful* analysis show that the quiz revealed something amazing about you probably never knew about yourself. Why why why why why why – why do people have to take that test? And even if it is for their personal entertainment, they should stop publishing it on their profile… aaargh!

Aside, a growing trend among people on the internet, people have basically stopped having lives. (Here is a potential ‘Look who’s talking’ moment, but I am going to ignore it) Thanks to all these social networking websites (Facebook and Orkut primarily) – people literally have forgotten how to converse with rich content, or even open a conversation. Social skills are out the window! Like I said, social networking is not.

More harmful effects of computers and excessive online activity: Bad handwriting!

Social networking is not.

Ad overdose

Top headlines lie at the bottom

Top headlines lie at the bottom

I have a bone to pick with flash ads and flash pop-ups.

First, best practices in Internet have basically blocked pop-up windows which was probably the best thing they could do at that time. But now, advertizers are resorting to using flash pop-ups which come up while you are browsing, effectively obstructing vision of the actual website! And they also show up just when you decide to click a link – and you end up clicking the damn thing and you are directed away from your intended destination.

Second, most of these flash pop-ups have that dumbfounded “roll-over” feature in them which set off when you accidentally set your mouse on them and they set off the whole saga that is their advertisement. And you cannot even undo that action because the whole thing is unfurling and making your computer go weird.

Third, some of these have sound enabled on them which scream into your speakers (that ever-irritating “Congratulations. You have been selected to win a free iPod/iPhone/Wii/space ship”). Aaaaargh.

It’s so sad that even NEWS websites are doing this. Especially some Indian NEWS websites. IBN-Live, for example, has recently (been a year or so) started showing flash pop-ups and I happened to take the above screenshot yesterday. How on earth do I unearth the news from this? How am I even supposed to read anything on the screen? More than half of my viewing screen is taken up by ads! Rajdeep Sardesai, if you are reading (fat chance), I like your channel, but your website needs psychiatric help. Too many ads. On an average, you run over 10 ads per day on your home page. I know you are trying to sell news, but this is crossing limits! I know people who have stopped visiting your website because of how many ads you keep on the screen! Take heed, and please clean up your site!

Of balloons and explosions

At Walmart, I am looking for something in the party aisle and there is an old-woman-Walmart-employee also rearranging stuff in the same aisle.

Me: Excuse me… Hi! I was wondering if you have any balloon pumps?
She: Bombs?

Ah, so here’s the deal. Inside the lady’s head, I am a brown Indian… sorry, brown UNSHAVEN Indian – possibly a terr0ri$t, shopping for bombs in Walmart. And on top of that I am asking a Walmart employee to help me find some.

Damn racist woman.