A man of few words

Jishnu is my little-over-two-year-old nephew who has recently started talking. He talks in very few words. May be a word or two for the whole sentence. So Boudi and I were planning to go out and Jishnu was having his diaper changed. Clearly he was not wearing any pants. The following conversation happened (translated to English for blogging purposes).

Boudi: Eat soon Jishnu, and then we will all go out.
Jishnu: Pant?
Boudi: Yes you will wear pants.
Jishnu: Ma?
Boudi: Ma will wear pants too.
Jishnu: Shirt?
Boudi: Yes, Ma will wear a shirt.
Jishnu: Kaku?
Boudi: Yes, Kaku will wear a shirt too.
Jishnu: Pant?
Boudi: Yes he will wear pants as well.
Jishnu: Hmmm.

Boudi is what I call my sister-in-law. Kaku is me, Jishnu’s uncle.


Now he can walk! It’s more like kicking and walking at the same time. He has started recognizing his house. On the way back after the short walk he takes in the evenings with his parents, he figures out that he is nearing home.
He turns around and walks in the other direction, hoping that his parents won’t notice. He kicks and runs at the same time, hoping that his parents will let him play a little more.
He loves being outside. He loves to run behind chipmunks scurrying about. He loves to chase cats. Pigeons. Leaves that fly at the mercy of the wind.
He loves being in water. He will eat anything on the floor except the floor. He has the most hilarious change-my-diaper face. He is a cartoon. He loves playing peek-a-boo.
He is Jishnu. He is my year-old nephew.