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Frequently asked questions

That's me!
Meanwhile, here are answers to some frequently asked questions!
Is your name real?
Yes. Yes it is.

What does your name even mean?
It means red lotus. In Sanskrit.

Describe yourself.
That is not a question.

Ok! Can you tell me something about yourself?
I am a conversationalist. With rather idealistic points of view. Passions include minimalism, subtlety, double entendre, abstractness, open-endedness, tango, long drives (bike/car), meeting new people, people-watching, observing behavioral patterns, photography, cinematography studies, food, interacting with eccentric people, music, playing sports, art…

Do you like broccoli?
No, I hate broccoli.

Whatever happened to The Matte Finish?
This website was originally called The Matte Finish, which was named for a photography blog. When I make photography prints, I like matte prints when compared to gloss and that is the inspiration behind the name of the website. Back then, mostlypointless.com was not available. It became available, and now, out with the old, in with the new 🙂

How do you pronounce “matte”?
Not like “matt-ay”. It’s pronounced like “mat”, rhymes with “fat”.

Are you calling me fat?

Can I use stuff from your website without permission?
As long as you give appropriate credit and drop me off a note.

Can I give you unsolicited advice?